1. How will the value of the RFG coin be increased?

The value of the token will increase in line with its demand and mass purchases from migrants, from transactions within the ecosystem and also from its further conversion into currency value.


  1. Why invest in RFG?

As the immigration issue exists as a global problem and more than $ 1 trillion are invested to solve it, our commitment is directly related to its management. Therefore, as the participants increase, the value of our project increases to the benefit of our members.


  1. Why should we acquire your token?

With the RFG token, there is better control over the flow of funds for immigrants, whereby for such cases the overcharging for services, goods etc. can be avoided. In addition, with our tokens the flow of capitals ends where it is intended rather than with third party accounts.


  1. How can i buy RefugeCoin ?

You can buy  RefugeCoin (RFG) via exchanges.


  1. With what cryptocurrency can I buy (RFG)?

You can buy with Bitcoin and Ethereum.




  1. How do I store my (RFG) tokens?

You can store your (RFG) Tokens in our wallet.


  1. Where will I find more information?

If you need more details regarding ICO or any other information, you can simply browse through our website and also read Whitepaper, otherwise you can contact us directly via email.


  1. What will you do with the tokens that didn’t sell?

The tokens that did not sell, will be allocated to the number of coins destined for immigrants and donations.


  1. Can I invest in RefugeCoin outside of exchanges?

Investing in RefugeCoin outside of exchange is available.Contact us: info@refugecoin.com


  1. What Fee’s do we pay?

There is no fee’s in your transactions, the only fee’s you will be charged with is the gas fee, which is required to make the transactions and are next to nothing, and we do not profit from them.