Why to invest in RefugeCoin

The migratory problem is a global phenomenon.Over $1 trillion dollars are invested in managing and resolving it. Οur engagement has to do with the management. So the growth of our Token increases as the participants increase.

Minimum fees

When buying or sending RFG the only fee you have to pay is the gas fee in order for the transaction to go through. We have no fee in place that would benefit us and we never will.


By investing in our ICOs you get our RFG tokens. These tokens cost 0.001ETH each but during the ICOs there are discounts so you can get more for less!


The RefugeCoin team is and always will be there for you to contact about any issue you might have. See contact form below.

Upcoming application

The new wallet app for Windows, Mac and Linux is near finished

This new app will allow you to:

  • Check your balance
  • Pay with RFG
  • Receive RFG
  • Check past transactions

and much more..

Meet the team

We are happy to present you to the RefugeCoin team!
Michael Agoras

Michael Agoras


Founder of RefugeCoin.Electronic Systems Graduate with 15 years of experience in digital printing and E-commerce.

Panagiotis Diamantopoulos

Panagiotis Diamantopoulos


Experienced Sales Representative with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. Skilled in Management, Entrepreneurship, Strategic Planning, Business Development, Trading, Negotiation, Luxury Goods, Sales, E-commerce, and Real Estate Property. Strong sales professional

Vasilis Georgitzikis

Vasilis Georgitzikis


Startupper codebender enterprise at 2014.And now work at Resin and he's also mentoring local entrepreneurs.

Nick Angelopoulos

Nick Angelopoulos


Many years of experience in the industry of construction products, Highly skilled in areas such as, Strategic Planning, Marketing & Optimal Sales Management, Entrepreneurship, Owner of construction companies and Real estate Properties, Cryptocurrency investment advisor of Alpha Coins foundation.

Theodore Tsaras

Theodore Tsaras


About Us


Daily, thousands of people are forced to leave their houses due to many different reasons. A total sum of 258 million people is trying to change their place of residence for a better tomorrow. A lot of grands, funds etc. are traded to solve the problem. thus, the question arises. Is this volume of money traded correctly?


We believe in the blockchain technology. We also believe that with this technology we can provide the answer to this big problem. Keeping all this in mind we developed a special kind of cryptocurrency called "RefugeCoin" that would suit all the refugees' plans needs. Our cryptocurrency is based upon the Ethereum blockchain and allows the holders to nominate and fund their future plans.

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